Shape MENA is an annual regional meeting of global shapers from the Middle East and North Africa region which serves as a forum for young changemakers to discuss and fabricate practical solutions to some of the region’s most pressing challenges.


The Amman Hub, proudly one of the very first Global Shapers Hubs launched, brings together young Jordanians from diverse backgrounds who have a shared goal to contributing to Jordan and the region’s prosperity. Ever since its launch, the Amman Hub worked with several partners on various initiatives such as events, meet the leader sessions, mentorship programs and others which are all focused on the great public and community good.

Recently, the Hub launched an online show, Nafsyeh, to promote awareness on mental health issues, which received over 55,000 views and was translate to few other languages. The Hub also hosted Amman’s Global Goals Jam on SDGs, and supported UNICEF in mentorship programs across Syrian refugees camps in Jordan.  


Born out of the World Economic Forum, the Global Shapers community is a network of inspiring young people (Shapers) under the age of 30 working together to address local, regional and global challenges. In each city, teams (hubs) self-organize to create projects that address the needs of their community.

With more than 7,800 shapers, the community spans 385 city based and self-organized hubs in 157 countries.



The Amman Hub was selected to host the annual SHAPE MENA event, on the 3rd and 4th of April of 2019, under the theme “Environment and Climate change”. The event aims to shed light on urgent environmental issues facing the region and impacting the wellbeing and livelihoods of millions. Jordan is exemplary for the effects of climate change on the region. Though highly biodiverse, Jordan was greatly affected by climate change in the past decade. Hotter summers, colder winters, and massive floods are becoming more usual, all while remaining one of the most water deprived countries in the world. This unique and challenging position was compounded by increased demand to water resources due to the influx of waves of refugees seeking safety in Jordan. The event also aims to showcase Jordan’s experience in the field of Green Economy, including startups that are utilizing local resources, promoting sustainability and supporting vulnerable communities. The sessions will highlight challenges in the water sector, the compounded demand on natural resources due to the refugee crisis, major ventures in the field of ecotourism, and alternative energy projects. Through a series of expert engagements, the attendees will be able to understand challenges and opportunities in the Jordanian landscape.


The two-day SHAPE MENA 2019 will take place in both Amman and Azraq, two central locations to conversations pertaining to climate change, biodiversity, entrepreneurship, refugee crisis, and economic development of vulnerable communities.

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