07-09 Dec 2018
Muscat, Oman





The objective of Shape MENA 2018 is to build a greater community by making a difference on people, the planet & productivity. We aim to take our global shapers through a learning experience that is energetic, challenging, and inspiring.


SHAPE MENA 2018 Themes

Education, skills development, job creation, wellbeing, community, youth bulge, equality & inclusiveness
Environmental conservation, global climate change, biodiversity, minimizing waste, crisis management, renewable energy & efficiency
Innovation & knowledge economy, ease of doing business competitiveness, entrepreneurship and start-ups


Day 1

  • 09:00 Registration
  • 09:15 Ice Breaker
  • 09:30 Welcoming Speech: WEF and Muscat Hub
  • 10:00 Keynote Speech “Co-existence” followed by Q&A
  • 11:00 Panel: “The role of the arts in culture diplomacy”
  • 12:15 Meet-the-leader Session: “Playing the game, The soft power of sports and startups”
  • 13:15 Brain Dates, 3 simultaneous sessions: “Planet, Peace and People”
  • 14:45 LUNCH
  • 15:30 Brain Dates, 3 simultaneous sessions: “Productivity and People”
  • 17:00 Rest time at hotel
  • 18:00 Move to dinner venue
  • 19:45 Meet the leader session
  • 20:45 Cultural Dinner (a full authentic Omani experience)

Day 2

  • 09:15 Panel: Wellbeing of Nations
  • 10:15 Ideation Lab: Facilitated session on wellbeing
  • 11:15 Community Break
  • 11:30 Cross Hub Collaboration, Shapers Panel followed by breakout sessions: Reflection and building sustainable Hubs
  • 12:45 LUNCH
  • 13:45 WEF’s ‘Facilitated Community Session’
  • 16:00 Activity “Renewable Workshop: Behavioural Change
  • 17:00 Buses move to hotel
  • 18:30 Buses move from hotel to the marina
  • 19:30 Meet the leader session and dinner on the boat

Day 3

  • 09:00 Panel: “Young Arab Voices: Transforming the Youth Agenda in MENA”
  • 10:00 Start-up Sessions with 6 regional leaders in the start-up scene
  • 11:15 Community Break
  • 11:30 Closing Ceremony: Shape HQ and Muscat Hub
  • 12:45 LUNCH


Ahlan Wa Sahlan

The Muscat Hub looks forward to welcoming you to the Sultanate of Oman, a country of breathtaking natural beauty interwoven with a kaleidoscope of history, legends and adventures.


Oman is a very safe destination. One of the safest in the world, in fact. Oman is home to a welcoming, tolerant culture that has created a society that regularly ranks Oman highly on the annual Global Peace Index, as well as being named by the World Economic Forum as the world’s 4th safest tourism destination, a category that takes into account risks like violence and terrorism, in 2017.

When booking your flight, please make sure that your final destination is Muscat International Airport (MCT). The airport receives thousands of visitors from over 30 direct flights from the region every day.

Connectivity to Muscat is also boosted substantially through connecting flights from neighboring countries; UAE and Qatar.

All visas for Oman entry are now processed online using the Royal Oman Police’s evisa portal

To check your visa eligibility, please visit https://evisa.rop.gov.om/en/visa-eligibility . In the event you require a visa, the evisa portal will guide you through the application process.

To sign up for an e-visa, you would need to register with a username and password, and then select the visa of your choice before finalizing your payment. A tourist visit visa fee stats from 20 Omani Rials which is equivalent to 52 US Dollars.

Casual and comfortable lightweight clothing that covers the shoulders and knees is recommended when in public in Oman.

Oman is an Islamic country and respect for local customs is recommended. Omanis are not obliged to cover up fully in public (this goes for both men and women), but most choose to wear long, loose, modest clothing.

Absolutely. The Omani people are by their nature even more polite, respectful and welcoming of solo women travellers. The Bedouin trait of welcoming the travelling stranger who then leaves as a friend is alive and well in Oman.

Although Oman is an Islamic country, independent restaurants are permitted to apply for a license to serve alcohol. International hotels and luxury resorts typically serve alcohol.

Like in many countries around the world, drinking in public is not permitted, and being intoxicated in public is unacceptable socially.

In some respects, the Sultanate of Oman shares a common heritage with the United Arab Emirates but in many ways that’s as far as the similarity goes.

Perhaps more than anywhere on the Arabian Peninsula, Oman firmly retains its culture, heritage, natural environment and embraces its past. This is a thriving, forward-looking country with a deep connection both spiritually and physically to a history that can be traced back thousands of years.

Although Arabic is the official language of Oman, it is not uncommon to hear Hindi, Swahili, Urdu, Balochi, or English spoken at any given moment in any given street.

Public transportation is readily available nowadays through buses and taxis.

We are in the process of finalizing the details with our partners and sponsors. Packages and payment information will be available upon confirmation.

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  • DATE

    07-09 Dec 2018

    Muscat, Oman

    100+ Shapers

    20+ Int. Speakers